Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips for a Safe & Successful Holiday Season

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Microsoft 365 Business Voice released for small-to-mid market

As organizations continue digital transformation, especially in the wake of COVID-19, IT leaders are seeking feature-rich, reliable, cloud-based calling solutions.

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Why threat hunting can protect your organization from a security breach

Reactive security practices will only get you so far.

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Rapidly enable a work from home strategy with the Microsoft Cloud & Check Point Security Solutions

With a sudden move to full time work from home for many businesses, most are evaluating the impact on productivity rates, collaboration, governance, and data security.

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The C-Suite's Responsibility in the New Era of Data Protection ​

In the era of data breeches and information misuse, corporations across the world are being held accountable by stakeholders, customers and regulators to implement responsible privacy practices.

​​​​​InfoSec Alert - GDPR Phishing Campaigns​

Several reports have recently emerged of email phishing campaigns attempting to lure business personnel to websites soliciting business and personal financial information.

Microsoft Azure - "Public Preview" Release Defined

Microsoft will frequently launch a new product or product enhancement with the status label of "preview" or "public preview". Check out the links in this blog for more information.

​​​​​​Modernization Won’t Happen Without The Cloud

Modernizing your DevOps should include Microsoft Azure and a Hybrid Cloud Strategy. Transitioning enterprise applications for use in today’s digital atmosphere requires...

InfoSec Alert - RansomWare Threats Increasing

There is always a temptation to think to ourselves, "that will never happen to us." Such could certainly be the case when we think about Ransomware, but we would be fooling ourselves.