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The nature of office work has changed. Since the internet has taken charge, employees expect to work securely from anywhere, on any device, and they have put a high premium on working from home as it enriches and fulfils them. At rmsource, we work with organizations to implement the right tools and technologies to increase the quality and effectiveness of work experience, resulting in their employees’ being happier, more valuable, and more likely to stay.

We provide a suite of services that ensure a secure and efficient remote working environment. This includes setting up cloudbased infrastructure, such as Office 365 and SharePoint, which allow for secure file sharing and collaboration. We also provide remote desktop solutions for enabling remote access to corporate resources. Additionally, our services include the setup and management of secure VPN connections, which provide access to corporate networks and resources from any location. This enables organizations to provide their remote workers with access to the resources they need to stay productive.

Endpoint Management

We monitor the health of all endpoints, including PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and other networked devices. Our solutions are designed to detect threats and potential vulnerabilities, such as malware and ransomware, and provide the necessary protection against them. We also provide patch management services, which ensure that all endpoints are uptodate with the latest security patches and updates. Additionally, we provide endpoint backup and recovery services to protect data in case of errors or system failures. Finally, our solutions include user access control, which helps organizations enforce user access policies and detect any unauthorized access attempts.


With 43% of cyberattacks targeting small businesses, data security needs to be a top priority in the modern workplace. We help organizations to protect their data and simplify data control with security services offerings and managed services to protect their investments.

Identity and access management has changed with the modern workplace, and policies and controls must be implemented to secure the contemporary workplace and manage user identities which access your IT platforms. Gain better visibility and control with rmsource security recommendations and tools to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing cyber landscape.

Microsoft Teams

Teams provides a secure, cloudbased collaboration platform that can be accessed from any device, enabling employees to work from anywhere. We help organizations set up Teams to effectively utilize its features, such as chat, file sharing, video conferencing, and task management. We also provide guidance on how to get the most out of the platform, such as how to customize the user interface and integrate other applications. With Teams, organizations can empower their employees to work smarter, faster, and more flexibly. We strive to provide our clients with the tools and resources they need to make the most of Microsoft Teams and create a more productive and effective workplace.

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