Microsoft Data Factory

Combine Your Data to Manage Workflow Seamlessly


We are experts at leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Data Factory for our customers. We understand the capability of this powerful platform to seamlessly integrate data pipelines, automate the movement of data, and transform it from one format to another. We have the experience to help our customers build ETL and ELT pipelines, ingest data from a variety of sources, and leverage the advanced analytics capabilities of Azure Data Factory to explore and transform their data. We also understand how to deploy and manage the platform, ensuring our customers get the most out of it. Our goal is to help our customers maximize the value of their data, increasing their ROI and helping them drive better decisions.

Connect & Collect

We use Azure Data Factory to collect data from multiple sources and systems, and then transform it into usable information. We also use the Factory to streamline data integration and data processing, ensuring that customers have access to their data in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, our teams use Azure Data Factory to monitor and manage our customers data pipelines and ensure that their data is uptodate and accurate.

Transform & Enrich Data Sets

Once our teams have your data in a centralized data store, we work with you to process and transform the collected data by using Azure Data Factory (ADF) mapping data flows. ADF allows our engineers to quickly and easily move data between different data stores, and also provides a visual mapping interface to create data transformations. ADF mapping data flows are designed to be robust and have builtin support for a variety of data sources and data formats. Additionally, ADF mapping data flows can be used to process large amounts of data in parallel, and can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of the project.

Managed Services for Monitoring your Pipelines

With our experienced team of engineers, we can monitor your pipelines to ensure that your data is flowing correctly and that any errors are addressed in a timely manner. We can also provide realtime insights and analysis of your data pipelines, helping you to identify any potential issues and take corrective action. Our 24×7 managed services will help you maintain the highest standards of performance, reliability, and availability, while providing you with the peace of mind that your pipelines are being monitored and managed.

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