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High-performance, Secure Solutions


Extreme’s Universal Platforms combine the power of cloud management with next-generation switches and access points, to deliver secure, high performance connections wherever your users are. rmsource is a trusted partner you can rely on to ensure that your network is agile, responsive, and reliable enough to meet your company’s evolving needs. We provide exceptional network solutions, services, and support to help customers develop their efforts in digital transformation and achieve different experiences. Improve your network by reaching users wherever they are, guaranteeing company continuity in the face of adversity, and driving creative capabilities when it counts.

Extreme Networks has emerged as the leader in flexible public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises solutions that cater to a diverse business connective and commercial needs. The software-driven, secure, and smart network infrastructure from Extreme Networks satisfies the business and physical requirements of today’s mobile-driven settings.

Wireless Access Points

Extreme’s Wireless Access Points are constructed using cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technologies. With hundreds of AP’s to choose from in combination with our best-in-class, managed wireless network solutions, you can ensure that your wireless network is customized specifically for your environment and company needs.

With our managed networking teams monitoring your Extreme infrastructure, you can rest easy at night knowing we have your back and are making updates and changes to your network in real-time to keep your infrastructure secure and protected.


Extreme’s industry-leading edge to core switches provide a powerful network which simplifies and streamlines every aspect of your network operations from deployment to support. With multiple capabilities like Fabric-Enabled, Dynamic Role-based policies, Application Hosting, Rich Analytics/AI/ML-driven insights, secure link encryption, and universal platforms we deliver unparalleled flexibility to enable you to change deployment models and configurations through software only.

If you’re looking for assistance in recommending, creating, deploying, or configuring your switching infrastructure, we have the tools and team to do so.

Cloud Managed Networking

Are you looking to simplify network management and keep pace with the changing needs of your evoloving workforce? Our teams can help you leverage Extreme’s cloud to achieve scale over your resources and manage them from a single dashboard across any device or anywhere on your network. Easy to deploy and easy to manage with our teams expertise.

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