Security Architecture & Design Services​

​​​Security Experts Configure Your Best IT Defense.

Our security engineers and certified ethical hackers identify potential cybersecurity issues within your security infrastructure.  We partner with the top security vendors to provide you a comprehensive analysis of your cybersecurity posture, while identifying potential security design flaws before or after a breach.  Whether you need a health checkup or a hardening of your IT infrastructure and applications, our teams are here to assist you.

Security Design and Consulting

​Our security team has the experience to assist small, medium, or large organizations in the evaluation of their security infrastructure. After evaluation, the team can design a modern cybersecurity posture leveraging current corporate investments and implementing new validated technologies.

Firewall & Security Appliance Configurations

We ensure that each organization is getting the most of their security appliances at the internet perimeter, as well as at critical interior routing points.

Application Security Services

We have a team of security consultants and application architects who work together to leverage modern PEN testing, rights management, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, application layer security appliances and endpoint protection to evaluate and remediate your application security.

Endpoint Security

The modern zero-day, malware, and ransomware attacks are growing more sophisticated because they are targeting consumer and social media applications. We evaluate and implement the best, rightsized endpoint solution to capture and neutralize these threats at the end-user PC or mobile device before they can worm through your internal networks.