Leverage Cloud Scalability for Remote Work Solutions​​

Rapidly enable a work from home strategy with the Microsoft Cloud & Check Point Security Solutions

​Like you, many IT leaders are working to scale and secure remote work technology, policies, and procedures quickly. With a sudden move to full-time work from home for many businesses, most are evaluating the impact on productivity rates, collaboration, governance, and data security. Gaps in infrastructure capability and technologies bring challenges to internal, BYOD and B2B collaboration, document management, and endpoint protection. But yet, we must provide the tools and resources necessary for our teams to be nimble, efficient, and secure.​​

And, we’re all working to balance all of this with our human desire to be compassionate for our teammates and their families. Simplifying work from home is one way, as leaders, we can assist in these challenging times.

To address these exact issues, we’re working with Microsoft and Check Point Software Technologies to bring easy adoption and reduced costs for organizations across the spectrum.

Two such examples are:

  • ​For the next 6 months, your team can collaborate using Microsoft Office 365 and Teams at no-cost with an E1 license.
  • Protect your data with 60-days of free endpoint protection and VPN client from Check Point.​

Details on Rapid Scalability in our Remote Work Solution

We can quickly help you and your teams adopt a cloud-scalable secured Remote Work Solution. This unique set of tools and services allows us to get your teams working seamlessly. We bring together the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Office 365 and Teams with Check Point’s CloudGuard and Sandblast Endpoint agent to protect your data – no matter where your employees are accessing it.

Remote Work Solution Features

  • Rapid Cloud-Based Deployment (Microsoft Office 365 and Azure)
  • Scalable Remote Access VPN Connectivity to Corporate Networks (Check Point CloudGuard IaaS)
  • Voice, Chat, Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing (Microsoft Teams)
  • Team Content Collaboration with Real-Time Co-Authoring (Microsoft Teams)
  • Private and External Team collaboration
  • Full Microsoft Office Application Integration
  • Online File Storage
  • Third-Party App Integration​


​Security Features​

  • Deployment with User and Data Governance (Microsoft Azure AD and Office 365)
  • Corporate and BYOD Endpoint Protection (Check Point Sandblast Agent)
  • Proactively Block Ransomware, Bots, Malware and email-based threats​ (Check Point Sandblast Agent)
  • Protection for Corporate Networks with Advanced Threat Protection Gateway (Check Point CloudG​​uard IaaS)

Regardless of how your organization is along the digital transformation journey, leveraging available solutions and feature sets can help your remote workforce better adjust to working from home. Staying focused on security, productivity, and most importantly, the health of your teams is key as we all work together through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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