Security Assessment Services

Uncover Infrastructure Weak Spots Before The Hackers Do.

Vulnerabilities emerge daily as your IT landscape changes. They are often introduced by configuration errors, unauthorized software installs, insecure endpoint devices, and much more. Effectively, every change means a potentially new vulnerability.  Staying secure means continuously scanning and assessing your IT systems to detect vulnerabilities as they arise.  Our experts use the latest tools and technologies to thwart potential threats while prioritizing activities for dealing with the greatest risks first.  Our reports provide a single pane of glass with our recommendations for locking down security gaps within your infrastructure.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessments

We provide standard and advanced cybersecurity assessments, including vulnerability, configuration, topology, and application server security assessments. Advanced level assessment services are also available, including penetration and social engineering testing to help reveal unknown attack surfaces and process gaps. At completion, we produce a report containing the results along with research and a recommended roadmap to remediation.​

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Vulnerability Assessment is a custom rmsource test used to discover, scan, and assess cybersecurity vulnerability of selected devices, application servers, and PCs. The goal is to discover existing vulnerabilities at risk of exploitation.  During this exercise, we employ third-party agents and scanning tools, utilizing an extensive database of known security flaws to identify non-secure protocols, missing system or application patches, and non-hardened configurations.

Configuration and Topology

The Configuration and Topology Assessment evaluates device-specific security by downloading and reviewing the unique configurations of all perimeter, DMZ, and internal security devices.  By performing configuration assessments, we ensure that all exposed devices have been properly hardened according to the device’s function and role within the overall topology, as well as to industry best-practice.

Microsoft Security Posture

The Microsoft Security Posture Assessment reviews and assesses the software patch and password policies that are configured and deployed within Microsoft Active Directory Services.  We evaluate specific policies to ensure proper security, including deployment and configuration of Microsoft software patches and a proper enforced password policy.

Penetration Testing (PEN Testing)

Penetration testing reveals the risks associated with vulnerabilities discovered in external and internal hosts, applications, and services.  Our expert resources are paired with specific specialized third-party tools, methodologies and exploitation tactics.  We utilize best in breed tools to gain access to target data without proper authorization or authentication in order to alert you to vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering Tests are designed to simulate real-world attack scenarios in which cyber criminals manipulate employees, partners, or contacts to gain physical or remote access to a network.  We utilize, but are not limited to thumb-drive baiting attacks, email and phone phishing attacks, and onsite breach via tailgating or impersonation.