Advanced Threat Protection

Secure Assets with Advanced Threat Protection

Let’s face it – a cyberattack will happen.  Failing to prepare for them puts your organization at risk for downtime and financial loss. Cyber threats are designed to evade your security defenses and when facing one, every second counts. Detecting, responding, and removing the threat must be swift and thorough.  We help prepare you for these attacks and provide best in breed solutions to detect and mitigate your risks.

Policy Configuration and Support

In order to combat today’s zero-day cybersecurity threats, next generation firewalls, security appliances, and endpoint protection platforms have grown in capabilities and complexity. Our security services team effectively configures and supports the latest technologies so you get the most out of your security posture investments.

EndPoint Protection

​The modern zero-day malware and ransomware attack vectors now include the end-user consumer and social media applications. We evaluate and implement the best, rightsized endpoint solution to capture and neutralize these threats at the end-user PC, mobile device and application server before they can worm through your internal networks.​

Malware, Ransomware, and Botnet Protections

​Phishing, ransomware and zero-day malware are becoming more prolific and sophisticated. We implement new technologies such as sandboxing and emulation to catch malware before it gets to your end-users and your network.