​Expected Release: DDoS Protection for Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Virtual Networks

​Expected Release: DDoS Protection for Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Virtual Networks

For those on the Azure Government Cloud, we’re expecting to see an announcement from Microsoft in the next 60 days (or so) regarding the release of the Azure Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) built-in protections. 

Back in May, the general availability of DDoS for the Azure Cloud was released – offering a no cost basic plan that includes always-on traffic monitoring, and real-time mitigation of common network-level attacks, which provides the same defenses utilized by Microsoft’s online services. Microsoft is also offering a standard upgrade the includes protection and mitigation from volumetric, protocol, and application layer attacks.


This enables the protection for one of the top security concerns for organizations considering a transformation to the cloud. ​

A release to the Azure Government cloud couples the security and protection government entities require such as U.S.-Geo Restricted servers and a wide range of compliance. While it’s not yet confirmed, we expect to see similar options for Azure Government Cloud as we do with the Azure Cloud:

  • DDoS Basic Protection at no cost
  • DDoS Protection Standard package upgrade
  • No application or resource change requirements
  • Native Platform Integration & Turn-Key Protection
  • Always-On Monitoring & Adaptive Tuning
  • L7 Protection with Application Gateway
  • DDoS Protection, Telemetry, Monitoring, & Alerting
  • 99.9% SLA & Cost Protection


While this is still in planning, according to a Microsoft feedback post, we expect the release sometime in September or October.