Microsoft Azure SQL & Cosmos DB, Azure Data Warehouse & Analytics

Deliver Actionable and Impactful Insights

At rmsource, we help customers leverage and build data warehouse solutions that enable them to store, manage and analyze their data in an efficient and secure way. Our analysts provide the expertise and resources to design, build, and maintain a data warehouse that meets our customers specific needs. We can provide guidance and support in choosing the right platform, deploying technologies such as Hadoop, and developing the best data warehouse architecture for their business. Our team of experienced professionals can also provide advice on how to integrate the data warehouse into their existing IT infrastructure, as well as how to optimize their data warehouse for maximum performance. We strive to ensure that our customers get the most value out of their data warehouse solution.

Microsoft Azure SQL & Cosmos DB

Are you looking for help leveraging Azure SQL or Cosmos Database containers? Our teams can help you architect and create containers in either solution that are shared across your multiple tenants in order to work with multiple physical nodes to achieve a high degree of scalability in cloud infrastructures. By working with us we can help you monitor and manage your data costs and minimize the consumptions costs consumed in these solutions to save you time and money.


Azure Data Warehouse & Analytics

We help organizations of all sizes utilize a modern approach to analyze data, so that decisions are made using the right data at the right time. Combining different kinds of data sources into a cloud-scale platform. Our teams help you transform data into a common taxonomy and structure, to make the data consistent while reducing the time needed to gather and transform data, so your resources can focus on analyzing and making actionable decisions.